The Making of Breaking 77: A Long Journey to the Ultimate Golf App

In the world of golf, innovation is key to continually improving the playing experience. Our journey began five years ago when we developed the idea for a golf app. Today we’re proud to introduce Breaking 77, our answer to the search for what we believe is the ultimate golf app for players looking to improve their performance on the golf course. In this blog post we take you on the journey of how our app came about and why we think it is the best choice for golfers.

## The birth of the idea

The idea for Breaking 77 came about five years ago. We, a team of enthusiastic golfers and digital experts, were looking for an app that would support and motivate us in our golf game. But we couldn’t find one that met our needs. Instead of waiting, we decided to take action and create an app that we were confident would be the best choice for golfers.

## Development by Fosbury: Quality from Austria

Our vision was to develop an app that was not only functional but also of the highest quality. At this point, we had already developed countless digital projects and apps for our customers. Now the time had come to develop our own app that should reflect our heart and soul, our passion. Biggest thanks at this point go to our lead app developer Andreas Marx, who worked tirelessly on our vision and made countless changes until we were all convinced that we had developed the best experience for golfers.

## Bilingual and user-friendly

The decision to offer the app in German and English was particularly important to us. We wanted to ensure that as many golfers as possible could benefit from Breaking 77. Being available in both languages means the app can be used by a broad international user base.

## Developers as passionate golfers

What really sets our app apart from others is the fact that the developers are passionate golfers themselves. They know firsthand the challenges that come with the game of golf. This personal commitment is reflected in the app and makes it an indispensable tool for golfers.

## The future of Breaking 77

Breaking 77’s journey began five years ago, but it is far from complete. We are continually working to improve the app and add new features to best meet the needs of golfers. Our goal is to make Breaking 77 an essential resource for golfers everywhere.

Breaking 77 is the result of our passion for golf and our belief that technology can play a critical role in improving the game. We are proud to share our app with the golf community and are excited about the future and the ways in which Breaking 77 will support golfers around the world.

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