Precise Course Management with GPS

Course management is a crucial aspect of golf. It’s all about playing the golf course strategically, avoiding obstacles and putting yourself in the best possible position for the next shot. At Breaking 77 we have integrated the GPS function into our app to help golfers with this crucial aspect. In this blog post we will show you how you can optimally use the GPS function of our app for your course management.

## 1. Getting to know the golf course

Breaking 77’s GPS feature allows you to get to know the golf course better. You can measure the exact distance to specific points on the course, including bunkers, water hazards and greens. This knowledge allows you to plan your shots more precisely and skillfully avoid obstacles.

## 2. Determination of the optimal lay lengths

Our GPS function also allows you to determine the exact distance to the flags. This is crucial to determining the optimal shot length for each shot. You can make sure you choose the right club to get as close to the hole as possible.

## 3. Make strategic decisions

Breaking 77’s GPS feature lets you make strategic decisions that directly impact your score. You can avoid obstacles by knowing how far away they are and put yourself in the best position for your next shot. This can help save strokes and improve your handicap.

## 4. Simplifying the decision-making process

Breaking 77’s GPS feature greatly simplifies the decision-making process on the golf course. You no longer have to guess or rely on guesswork, but can use precise data to make smart decisions. This ensures more self-confidence and better results.

## 5. You don’t need to buy expensive rangefinders or smartwatches

With the app’s free GPS function, you have everything you need, down to the meter. This way you save money on additional equipment or, even better, on the cool drink on the 19th hole.

## Conclusion

Course management is extremely important for golfers of all levels, and the Breaking 77 app’s GPS feature is a valuable tool for optimizing this element. You can get to know the golf course better, make more precise decisions and plan your shots strategically. The GPS data allows you to get the most out of your golf game and improve your score. Use this feature to add a new dimension to your rounds of golf and pave your way to a breaking 77 score.

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