The Breaking 77 Golfclub Gold Partnership

Make your golf club members a present of the BREAKING 77 12-month VIP subscription. The offer does not include any commitment obligations or follow-up costs.

What do we as a golf club and our members get in return?

  • Give every member of your golf club a “12-month VIP subscription powered by your golf club”
  • Exclusive subscription design.
  • An exclusive photo of your golf club will be displayed on the course selection screen including a special “Golfclub Gold Partner” badge.
  • Your golfclub receives a gold measuring procedure to display the data for its members particularly precisely (e.g. GPS yardage tees) and keep it up to date.
  • After activation your members will receive the 12-month VIP subscription which allows them to use all the functions of the app for 12 months at no cost without any commitment obligations and without any follow-up costs. 12 months after registration this VIP membership expires automatically and its members can decide whether they want to continue using the app or not.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions concerning the Golfclub Gold Partnership?

How many members are allowed to use the app?

The offer is independent of the number of members who actually accept the offer.

Is the free annual membership coupled with follow-up costs?

No, neither for your members nor for your golf club.

How do my members get the Breaking 77 Golfclub Gold Subscription?

Only 3 steps are necessary:

1. download the app
2. create a personal account
3. send an email to with your first and last name and the subject ``Breaking 77 Golfclub Gold Partner``

We will then check whether the person is actually a main member of your golf club and then activate the VIP subscription.

Which other golf clubs are already participating?

We are delighted to have won the GC Kremstal as a first partner for the start of this campaign.

Is there a commitment obligation after the 12 months?

There is no such thing. Every member is free to decide whether they want to continue using the app or not. Of course, there is also no obligation to commit to your golf club.

Do we then have to write to the members personally or is it also possible via newsletter?

It works very simply for you without any organizational effort. We provide you with texts and photos for a newsletter mailing. We are happy to provide you with flyers design to display at reception or in the restaurant, for example, and to advertise this campaign in Hard Copy.

How much work do I have to do as a club manager?

The management effort is very manageable and the club has a great package that can be made available to members free of charge for a year. With the app, members can play with each other, compare their statistics and series and share scorecards.

Do you still have questions? We look forward to your inquiry