Golf schools and Breaking 77: A perfect combination!

In today’s world, the use of modern technology has become an integral part of golf. Golf schools are faced with the challenge of not only teaching their students the basic techniques, but also providing them with optimal support through data-based analyses and individual training plans. This is where Breaking 77 comes into play. Our app is the ideal complement to your golf lessons and offers numerous benefits that make training more efficient and effective. Find out why golf schools and Breaking 77 are the perfect combination.


All your students’ golf statistics always at hand

With Breaking 77, you as a golf professional always have all your students’ important golf statistics at your fingertips. Whether fairway hits, green hits or putts – the app comprehensively records and analyzes all relevant data. This allows you to design your lessons based on data and focus on the individual needs and strengths of your students. This comprehensive data collection enables you to develop targeted and relevant training measures that maximize your students’ progress.


Free use for golf pros

For you as a golf pro, the use of Breaking 77 is free for life. But that’s not all: you will also receive 50 free 12-month subscriptions for your students. They can use the app free of charge for a whole year and benefit from its numerous functions. This makes it easier for you to integrate Breaking 77 into your lessons and support your students in the long term.


Comparison and challenge: statistics and handicap groups

One of the unique features of Breaking 77 is the ability to compare your students’ statistics with each other and with their respective handicap group. This allows you to create exciting challenges and competitions that liven up everyday training and increase motivation. Especially in children’s and performance training sessions, such challenges are a valuable tool for awakening ambition and making progress visible.


Live ticker and support for tournaments

Breaking 77 offers a live ticker that allows you to follow your students’ performance in real time – be it at tournaments or during course rounds. Send them good vibes and cheer them on as they do their best on the course. This kind of support strengthens the bond between you and your students and shows them that you are by their side even outside of the classroom.


Focus on data-based development

Breaking 77 allows you to keep an eye on your students’ development at all times. The app allows you to visualize progress and improvements immediately. This data-based analysis is a valuable tool for documenting training successes and planning targeted measures for further improvement. Your students can see their progress and stay motivated to keep working on their game.


Exclusive Golf Pro subscription design

As a Golf Pro, you will receive an exclusive subscription design that emphasizes your professional use of the app. This special design makes your app unique and sets you apart as a trainer.



Golf schools and Breaking 77 are unbeatable together. Our app offers all the tools golf schools need to optimize their lessons and take their students to the next level. Individual training plans, precise

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