Breaking 77 free of charge for golf professionals

With Breaking 77, you always have all your students' golf statistics with you on the range. This allows you to make your lessons even more relevant and exciting. The app add-on for your pro teaching.

  • For you as a golf pro use of the app is free for life. You will also receive 50 free 12-month subscriptions for your students. This makes it even easier to get started in the world of golf apps.
  • Compare the statistics of your students with each other and with the respective handicap group and create exciting challenges for children and performance training.
  • Live ticker of your students at tournaments and rounds. Send them good vibes and cheer them on.
  • With Breaking 77 you always have the development of your students on your cell phone based on data and can visualize their progress immediately.
  • You receive an exclusive Golf Pro subscription design.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions concerning the Golf Pro Partner deal?

How do I get a free subscription?

Please send us an email to with the subject `Golf Pro Subscription` and attach a scan of your active Golf Pro card. We will contact you and register your free subscription. It's that easy!

How can I track the status of my students live during rounds?

In the `Friends` menu, you can see immediately if one of your students is currently playing a round. You can view the scorecard and all live statistics in real time.

How can I track my students' golf data?

In the `Friends` menu you can search for the name of your students. They confirm the request and you have access to all statistics, records and the personal development of your students.

Does the free annual membership come with any follow-up costs for your students?

No, neither for you nor for your students. At the end of the 12 months, they are free to decide whether they want to continue using the app or not. No termination is necessary.

How can I distribute the 50 free 12-month subscriptions to my students?

The students you would like to give this free subscription to just need to email with your name. We will manage your contingent without any additional effort on your part.

Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us