breaking77 golf app is better than gps watches
Why Breaking 77 is better than a golf GPS watch

Why Breaking 77 is better than a golf GPS watch In the world of golf, precision is key. While many golfers rely on golf GPS watches to measure distance and improve their shots, the Breaking 77 golf app offers a superior alternative. In this post, we’ll explore why Breaking 77 is the better choice for golfers of all skill levels. 1. Accuracy: One of the most important features when choosing a distance measurement tool for golf is accuracy. While GPS…

Precise Course Management with GPS

Course management is a crucial aspect of golf. It’s all about playing the golf course strategically, avoiding obstacles and putting yourself in the best possible position for the next shot. At Breaking 77 we have integrated the GPS function into our app to help golfers with this crucial aspect. In this blog post we will show you how you can optimally use the GPS function of our app for your course management. ## 1. Getting to know the golf course…

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